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I'm all geared up from recording.  WHEEE-HAH!!!  The "new" song is coming along nicely, as a TODDLER should....*smiles!*

Oh, sorry, where are my manners?  C'mon in!

As of 2-3-10, my wife and I have been living together TWENTY-NINE YEARS!  (Actually, more: we'd been living together on and off for about a year before.)  So, I've been living with the same person since I was 20 (ooooh, I bet my parents were delighted by their kid shacking up with an older woman....) and in all that time, we've been apart for maybe a total of two weeks, tops. All the other days we've spent together, happy or bickering, but always the very, very best of friends.  She's completely incompatible with me on a few fronts and we've had some doozies of arguments--there were times where I didn't think I'd ever speak to her again--but I think that's what balances us out so nicely, even if we drive each other insane once in a while.  She's also The Best Mom I could've found to hatch and help raiseThe Kid....and it shows....

If you have a best friend like this, you're very lucky!  Go give 'em a big hug 'n' a kiss--they're a precious human to have in your life!  If I had it to do over, I would choose marrying my best friend any day, even for all the pitfalls that friendship can sometimes bring....

So, here's to ya', Sunny J.!  I love you and hope we make it around the sun many more times before it's all over...!



P.S.  J.'s surgery went okay; docs will find out more about how her brain's doing tomorrow.  Yikes!


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