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What · Can · Ya' · Do?

Happy Groundhog's Day!

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It's still just once a year, isn't it?

Oh, Hi!  Long time, no hear!  How are ya'??

Watched Groundhog Day tonight--great movie!  So many great lines in it.  It's actually becoming a tradition to watch it each year now, at least for ussens....

My work friend is going in for a colonoscopy tomorrow.  So far, the email reports I've gotten make it sound like the gick you have to drink isn't REAL bad....."Heavy salt water," were the words used to describe it........hang in there, B.!  Over before you know it!

I hope I can remain as positive for me own......*heh!*

Anyway, not too much to report from this side.  Hoped to work on lyrics and maybe do some recording tonight but the movie got in the way. The Kid's got some school stuff going on tomorrow night so perhaps then.  Been singing along to the backing track on my way to and from work; ironing out the kinks in the refrain.....it's coming along, sloooooowly......

Getting nuked at work.......thanks, SMO!

Had spaghetti from Spaghetti Sunday a couple weeks ago..... aoi, after it's in the freeze for a week or two, those flavors get SO intense....fantastic if I say so myself!  Thanks Anthony for the great recipe!  (See link at the top of the page.)

Scored some goodies for The Kid's birthday (coming up next month) at ThinkGeek.com and, shhhhh, got her a couple PERSONALIZED bottles of Heinz Ketchup, which I know she'll think is funny.  *smiles!*  Man, she's a ketchup junkie, especially when it comes to grilled burgs.....just swimmin' in it......Ah, I have to remember to check the Bounding Main site and see what goodies she might enjoy.....

Why can I speak so freely about this?  I think there's only two people I know (one only slightly more than the other) who read this page and neither one of them know The Goils.  The statistics page sez there's more readers, in and out, but it doesn't appear to be anyone I know.  Hmmm....who would have interest in such incoherent ramblings??  Strange.....

Anyway....wrapping it up tonight--another busy day at work tomorrow for me......

Have a loverly evening and an excellent tomorrow!

Cheers, B., hang in there!  I'll take you to the VT for a tapper so you can give me the gory details!

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On February 3rd, 2010 06:15 am (UTC), jaxon13 commented:
Dork?!?! I am NOT a dork, my Good Woman, I am a GEEK; get it straight! *big smile!*

Gift wrap? You're too kind! Thanks! Can't wait to see it in person--I think she'll like it a LOT...you do quite nice work!


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