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Oh, Well Hello!  Didn't see you over there!

Provided there are no untoward ("This is not toward!") surprises tomorrow when I test the disc on various players (i.e., sounds half-way decent), then I can finally say I'm done recording my latest song, an effort that's only taken longer than I can accurately recall but well over a year, likely way more from the very first time I played the riff.  This is not an indication of how wonderful a song it is, but rather a picture of my bumbling inability to write words and melodies, then arrange it, record it and mix it.  As C. has said:  "What're you going to do once you're done?!"  Well, take a night or two off, that's for sure!  Get some sleep, maybe, too!  *laughs*  Naaaaa, nothing THAT crazy.....*laughs*

Truly, though, it's not officially done until it's made the rounds of my various players to check to see if the sound is on mark.  Plus, I think I'll have my Listeners give it a spin to make sure everything's working (besides the arrangement, melody, and singing, which Sunny shot down last week--thanks, babe!)  C.'s probably given up on ever hearing it.  Hang in there!  Any day now!  I mean it this time.  Really.  Really really!

 I think it's going to be all right though, having come up with the idea tonight to mix the song through a RADIO SPEAKER.  That seemed to give a good overall shape to the sound and only required some stereo field alterations and a few sound level adjustments.  The last 2 /1/2 hours have been spent on minor tweaks--tiny flaws that would probably go unnoticed by anyone except The Proud Father.  I left all the HUGE FLAWS in for the general audience.  Don't worry--plenty to go around for everyone!

Anyway--just had to deliver my good news!



P.S.  Hey, Juli!  Might catch Bounding Main at Port's Maritime Fest but it'll be tricky with the timing. We're gonna be travelling right around when they're going to be there but that's the CLOSEST venue to our pad.....so, yeah, one day you might get a tap on the shoulder and a "It's me!"  If not at a concert, Sunny and The Kid might be talked into a Renaissance Faire--you work Bristol, right?
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On April 25th, 2010 04:38 am (UTC), jaxon13 replied:
Travelling up to Door County for a couple days. The Port Maritime fest is close to the end of our voyage, depending upon how much wandering about we do. Might be ready to head home by the time the Fest rolls around. Don't worry--we'll cross paths one day and both just be shocked! *smiles* Maybe at the Faire--who knows? Some day, no doubt! I'll see if I can manage a not-too-big mp3 file of Your Eyes (seemingly the best title for it, beyond "93, Master 37b" *laughs!*) to sling your way. It's actually a fairly sizable wav file right now and, naturally, pending copyright. Ah, you dig, of course.

Thanks for the note!


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