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What · Can · Ya' · Do?

And He Sung It 'til He Went Mad

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Hey, hi, sorry to interrupt but did you guys see my sanity around here?

Oh, hey, Hi, how're ya'?  Man, it feels like weeks since I posted last.....and I miss you!

Well, I've been busy working on some music.  This damn thing, this, this purported song, I've been working on, has been driving me crazy.  In the past week or so, it's gone through major changes, literally HUNDREDS of voices and harmony part takes, changes in lyrics and arrangements and now I've reverted back, essentially, to the original arrangement and lyrics.  (Ha!  Playing jokes on myself again, am I?  What a rogue!)  Seriously, I was on the verge of tears on Wednesday night after another somewhat fruitless session; it's been so frustrating!  BUT, what I'd forgotten is that sometimes I'm not writing the song, sometimes I'm merely learning it, a very strange and mysterious part of the creative process that happens to me occasionally (okay, well, probably more often than I'm aware.)  This has been one of those cases....

I've basically known the melody since I wrote the chord progression around a year and a half ago. At the time, I didn't think I was capable of writing any singable lyrics for it.  I actually tried to write lyrics for a couple at work but, for very obvious reasons to me now, I couldn't write anything that rang true.  I finally shelved the idea and put the song away--didn't even listen to it ONCE--for about a YEAR, until all manner of the words had left my brain.  That's how stuck I was.  (And perhaps a bit selfish, too.  Deep down, I actually wanted to give the song to only HALF the couple. *smiles!*)

After a year went by, I happened upon the guitar riff and felt it might be time to try another whack at writing lyrics.  The words, as always, needed to be written and rewritten and REWRITTEN so, at least that much wasn't too unexpected: often, the phrasing of a line on paper can sound different when you actually sing it, what with the logistics of tongue twisters and sibilance/hardness of some words versus others.  BUT, because I was having trouble singing the melody and lyrics, I mistakenly thought that there were some major problems with the structure and words, so I began altering them.  That's where the frustration started to sink into the pit of my stomach.  The refrain actually migrated to a completely different key(!), which, though it sounded pretty good--a bit "Who-ish" perhaps--just didn't sit with the rest of the melody, which I also started futzing with.  When I scrapped my new ideas and decided to see what I could "rescue" from my previous efforts--I'd been working on it so long by this time that I couldn't just shelve it again--suddenly it started to show promise.  Lyrics started to fall into place as I sang them over and over and over and fucking over, trying to get that winning take and the melody, certainly challenging to someone like me with a "Land of a Thousand Dances" voice, started to smooth itself out.  It just struck me last night *foont!* that all along I had been merely learning the song, that the writing of it had been done for weeks, probably longer............duh, Jaxon, DUH......

Oh--part of the problem, too, has been recording my voice.  The mics I have are fairly sensitive and my voice has been coming out a bit shrill (yikes!) here and there in all my heart-felt expressiveness (i.e., too damn loud).  Oh, yes, simply perfect for a LOVE SONG.  Oy.....

Finally, tonight, I grabbed the "play mics" in our basement that I let The Kid and her pals use through some beater guitar amps, and sure as hell, the 25 year old Audio-Technicas sounded fantastic, capturing the voice in the close-up manner I had been trying to achieve without studio voo-dooery.....

So, it's closer than ever to completion now, having really taken shape in the last day or two and my enthusiasm for the piece has increased GREATLY since I finally figured out how the damn thing goes.....a bit of percussion on it today went a long way, too.  The words have been fairly difficult though, because I've had someone in mind while writing it and there's always the problem of assessing just what is "good enough" for someone you love. ......the answer: Nothing.....*smiles!*  Yeah, so it's an instrumental now and.....*laughs!*......just kidding.....

Anyway.....going to go mix what I've got to check the sound for further recording efforts tomorrow......so, let me go kick Kato off the computer......


P.S.  I swear, I'm not writing anything except really simple rock/blues numbers from here on out.....even C. will be able to play 'em!
P.P.S.  Sorry for the scattered sounding nature of this missive.....my brain's pretty fried right now....
P.P.P.S.  I LOVE the pic--you are so adorable!

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