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What · Can · Ya' · Do?

Man, Wha' Hahppened?!

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Testing, testing.......is this on?  Hellohello?  *tap-tap-tap*  AH--there we go---back on!

Well, HELLO!  How are ya'?  I gotta tell ya'--Green is really a great color on you.....

Wow--I'm ERASING tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen!  *laughs!*  Some people can type 35 wpm, I can erase all that and then some!  You wouldn't believe what just got stricken from the record!  I really make myself laugh sometimes!

People should NOT drink and blog...

HEY--there you are!  We've been bounced off the interweb for the last couple days!  The only explanation I got from any of the Charter reps I spoke to was that there was a "Local Network Outage" and that there was a rather non-specific fix time (one agent said 2 hours, another, THE NEXT DAY, said 7 or 8 hours but that it would be fixed with continuing "intermittent outages."  What the fnck?!  So far though, after having Charter ping my modem, it seems to be working all right.  Sorta.  Couple connection failures. The speed, though, crap, is around 15 mbps d/l time; really fast, at least for us.  I'm guessing part of it is that other people on our node haven't fired back up yet and so we're getting a heaping bowlful of signal.  I've rather regarded the internet as a toy first and a reference library second but I had no idea how much I've grown accustomed to checking the email and news and weird news and entertainment news and baseball news and then screwing around like watching the We Five on YouTube singing You Were On My Mind, and then finding a version of Venus by Shocking Blue from both the 60s and the TWO-THOUSANDS when the lead singer was likely on death's door and looked horrible and sounded like life had not been kind to her in any part of her recent history.....I keep forgetting: You cannot UNSEE things......anyway, yes, I was talking about the Interweb.....I've always thought that I would miss it about as much as Cable Televsion (not at all) but now that it's been out for a couple days, I've seen how I've come to rely on it more than I thought....

Venus by Shocking Blue.  That could be on a favorite songs disc.  But probably not on the one I'm making for C.  You out there?  Man, you are just really fucking amazing, more and more, every second..........I'm so puzzled in many ways about you......

And I'm still just so, well, struck by the note you sent.....I mean, you did send it to the RIGHT PERSON, didn't you?? *smiles!*

Okay, I can tell my mind is definitely far afield tonight so I'm a-gonna saunter off to bed........to dream of a sunny day and laughter and a picnic lunch and music, sweet music......oh, man, can't wait for that day.....

Ah, now I'm erasing before even writing---getting smarter by the moment in my old age....

Good night and I Love You~


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