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What · Can · Ya' · Do?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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I came across these lines by a fellow named Scranton Merriweather, a writer of notoriety, or perhaps a notary who writes, (the record's unclear on the matter) and they so nicely summarize that slippery notion of love, especially as it pertains to people who hold language and writing quite close to their hearts, that I thought I would share it.  Take it away, Scranton:

"I was always quite taken with her but I didn't know it was really Love until I realized one night that she was the woman I imagined I was writing to all these years.  You know how you have a perfect reader in mind to focus your work?  SHE was my imaginary perfect reader come to life and she completely got me like no one else ever had.  How could I not love her when she gave me such freedom?" 

How indeed?  Could you imagine what it would be like to meet Your Reader?  The person who really "gets" your every word?  Someone, to whom you could write as if only you had to understand it?  How could you not fall in love with her (or him)?  What if you really get her writing, too??  THIS is the person you want to be your Valentine....*smiles!*

With hopes that you all find your Perfect Readers and, of course, Love, oh my, yes, from the Heartland,


P.S.  Thanks for the C.Notes....I keep rereading and smiling and smiling....

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