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Happy Birthday C.!

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Happy Birthdaaaaay to you......Happy Birthdaaaaaaay to youuuuuu....Happy Birthday, dear Ceeee-Eeeeeeee......Haaaappy Birrrrrthdaaaaay to youuuuuuuu!

Hope you're having a good night, babe AND that you're partying SAFELY!!  (Sorry, it's the Dad in me.)  I'm delighted that you like the song--I think you'll like the "better mix" more-so.  Sorry about that lousy version you got but glad you could look through the mixing error (still don't know how I managed it--headphones mistake I think) and appreciate the sincerity behind it.  How does one capture the feeling of Springtime and Hope and Renewal and Love in music?  Not easily, obviously *laughs!*  I'm honored to have you for a friend and glad that you enjoyed the gift.  Hopefully, you were a little surprised, even though I had hinted at it enough I guess....


Happy Birthday, C.!  And many happy returns!



P.S.  Got another promsing Pioneer for you....
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