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Yes, Hooga-Booga.  You may quote me on that....

Oh, Hello there!  I didn't recognize you there for a second, it's been so long! (That's what she sa--....never mind....)

Yes, well, as idle speculation has supposed, I've been quite busy making myself crazy with attempting to write and record a song.  So far, I have about 5 and a half minutes of what sounds like a female Russian shot-putter warbling nonspecifically out of key.  While holding a manhole cover.  And with a bad sinus condition.  Nope, not happy at all.  (Me, not the Russian shot-putter, although I doubt she'd be happy either.)  Can I just NOT SING ANY MORE?  Is that it?  Or am I still learning the song?  Every take seems to have a problem with it.  I've tried splicing together takes with some luck but there's always something that's not quite right.  It's been quite frustrating......And, I KNOW that if I don't fix the problems NOW, that later on, let's say a year or so from now, when I'm listening to my efforts, that botched phrase or late chord, or slightly flat harmony will drive me crazy....it will....

Hooga-Booga.  This is some strange phrase that popped into my mouth while recording a few nights ago.  I discovered that if I'm singing before I actually start the verses, that I come in less abruptly/harshly so I now have 8 or 9 versions of this song that start with me chanting "Hooga-Booga, Hooga-Booga, Hooga-Booga...."  I may leave it in as it is currently the best part of the song......

So, I've been ignoring just about everything/everyone lately just to work on this song.  I'm starting to feel like I'm wrestling a bear; a big brown bear who's growling in my face and snapping his jaws while we lock arms and dance grunting around the room.  (Perhaps that's the weird, bass spectrum thumping I heard under the acoustic guitar track the other day?!?!)  The thing is this......I've put waaaaay too many hours into this not to finish it.  What scares me (besides the bear; well, not scares, really, but causes consternation) is that the song is not worth all the trouble.....although I'll be first to admit that I've lost any ability to judge it any longer.  The only thing I can tell is/are flat notes, take after take after take.....after take....after take....please, no....after take.....No, stop, really......after take, after take.....I don't want to write this song any more!....Please!.....after take....after take....after take...AIIIIEEEE!!!!

I was actually hoping to give this as a present but I honestly doubt this will ever see the outside of my iPod.  Not unless it shapes up more than it has.  I mean....it's like THIS FUCKING CLOSE to being done....all I need are the vocal tracks and a dash of electric guitar maybe....that's ALL.....it's not that hard so why am I having so many problems with it?!??!  Auuuughhh!!!!  Why can't I SING THIS??  Have I always been this bad and no one's told me??  Good lord, what a thought......yikes! 

I do thank you for allowing me to vent a bit......now, excuse me while I submerge again.....I'll be back with updates if anything good ever comes from these altogether-too-late night sessions.....


Your Lovin' Jaxon 

P.S.  Did I see you at the mixer, drinking Five and Dimes?
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